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ESL Funseries #17

http://www.esl.eu/pl#/eu/tmnf/news/1460 … e-Su-21h-/

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Funseries #17 open for everyone *Su 21h*
A real effective cup system of the german TMNF section will get a try as a EU wide cup. All players on 1 Server play for one hour Minimaps that are not published. No work for submitting results, no checkin, no own server hosting, no nolifing! Have a look at this news.
Funseries #17 Minimaps Cupmode
Trackmania Nations Forever Funseries
TMNF Funseries #17 Cupmode

Cupdate: Sunday 09.01.11 21:00 Uhr
Mode:Cupmode without Finalists
Maps:around 8 Minitracks, not published. Cupsize: unlimited
Serverdetails: For every signuped player the serverdetails will be shown on Sunday 30 minutes before the start at the Rule Page

Your signup is without any commitment, if you dont join the server you dont get any penalty points.
Please pay attention: Your Nickname on the server has to sound like you ESL Nick. Otherwise the Admins cant place your result in the tournamenttree.


$s$fd1MD$79f -͵े$78fн$77fα$76fט$75fς$74f  ्-॔
$s$fc1MD$79f -͵े$78fร$77f๏$76fร$75f๏$74f ्-॔
$s$fd1MD$fd1 -͵े$78fה$77fα$76fк$75fι$fd1  ्-॔



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